Community VNA was established in 1948 by a group of community-minded citizens who shared a vision of creating a home-based health care service to those in need in our community.  It was their spirit of volunteerism that laid the foundation of who we are today. 

The care that we provide is like a tapestry, weaving together varied programs and services to meet the health needs of our community.  Our volunteers provide a unique thread in that tapestry, sharing their time, talent and energy to help enhance our programs and meet the unique needs of our patients. 

“Let your life speak” and think about how your talents, skills and experiences can add to our tapestry and make a difference in someone’s life.  Volunteering can be a rewarding, life enriching experience.  

Please join our dedicated team of volunteers by exploring this list of available opportunities.  Complete our application form to apply today. 

Hospice Volunteers 
Community Care Hospice welcomes volunteers from all walks of life.  As valued members of the Hospice team, volunteers serve our patients and their families by providing a special “presence.” They may assist with light meals, run local errands, or perform household tasks, but the essence of what they bring is their gentle companionship. 

We are seeking other Hospice volunteers who have specific expertise in areas of relaxation and comfort, such as massage, Reiki, music, pet visits and others. Do you have a special talent or skill that might enhance our Hospice program?  Give us a call at 908-725-9355, Ext. 2230. 

Community Care Hospice conducts a special orientation and training program for all volunteers who wish to visit patients.  They are asked to commit to one year of volunteer service.

Our Hospice volunteers share these thoughts: 

“While death is a journey we all will take, each passage is deeply personal.  As a hospice volunteer I have been privileged to accompany individuals and their families on the way home.”  --  Marion Rozger 

“I am proud and honored to be a Hospice Volunteer.  My association with this wonderful organization has been totally rewarding and fulfilling.”  -- Barbara Marion  

“Caring Hands”
Join Community Care Hospice’s “Caring Hands” volunteers who knit or crochet one-of-a-kind shawls and lapghans (lap-sized afghans) that are delivered to hospice patients to remind them that they are “wrapped up in good thoughts.”   

Office Volunteers
We welcome people who wish to assist in a variety of office functions, including filing, typing, faxing, answering phones, preparing packets and mailings and other assorted tasks. 

Special Event Volunteers
Volunteers may assist with fundraising events such as the annual “Light Up a Life” Hospice program or other special events.  Assistance is needed for mailings, event planning, canvassing, greeting participants, set-up and clean-up. 

Telephone Volunteers
We are looking for volunteers to assist us in new admission surveys.  By utilizing a scripted message we’re able to give our clients the opportunity to provide feedback about the care they are receiving.  Participation in the telephone survey helps us collect information about our quality of care. 

Child Health Clinic Volunteers
Community Home Care provides free immunizations to children with limited or no health insurance.  Be a part of this team by helping to register families, hand out education packets and keep other children occupied. 

Flu Clinic Volunteers
We always need volunteers to assist with set-up, registration and crowd control at our seasonal flu clinics.