Physical Therapy in the Home

phyical therapyOur skilled physical therapists come to your home to assist with rehabilitation and improve many aspects of a patient's condition.  Their services include:

  1. Gait Analysis - Evaluation and treatment of walking problems caused by orthopedic and neurological illnesses
  2. Strength - Evaluation and treatment of weakness with emphasis on arms, legs, and trunk
  3. Range of Motion - Evaluation and treatment of arms and legs, including the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine
  4. Endurance - Evaluation and treatment of lung, cardiac and neurologic problems that result in fatigue and shortness of breath
  5. Transfers - Evaluation and treatment on all surfaces, such as bed, chair and car
  6. Balance - Evaluation and provide treatment program to address poor balance during sitting, transferring and while walking that could lead to a fall        
  7. Fall Prevention - Provide home safety evaluation, address potential fall risks and educate on fall prevention
  8. Caregiver Instruction - Advise and instruct family members to assist in guarding during transfers and ambulation, plus instruction in a home exercise program
  9. Artificial Legs and Custom Braces - Evaluate and guide with use
  10. Equipment - Evaluation of assistive devices, including adjustment and instruction of use of walkers, canes, etc.

To contact us with questions about physical therapy in the home or place of residence, please call Community VNA at 908-725-9355.