Home Health Aide Services
Patients and their families sometimes require the services of a skilled nurse.  However, home health aides can be used to assist a patient with activities of daily living when a skilled nurse is not required.  A home health aide works under supervision of a nurse for general work performance.  For individual case functions, the home health aide may be responsible for following a specific care plan designated by a case manager.  Home health aides provided by Community VNA are all trained and hold certifications from the state. 

Home Health Aides are responsible for the following type of essential functions:

1. Follow the requirements of the care plan developed for each client by a case manager.
2. Help patient with personal care such as sponge bath, care of mouth, skin, wash and set hair, shave with electric razor and rub patients back (if not restricted by supervisor), assist patient to dress.  Tub or shower baths are only given under order of nurse supervisor or other authorized professional.
3. Help patient to bathroom, bedside commode or in using bedpan or urinal.
4. Empty urinary drainage bags and colostomy bags.  May apply a Texas catheter after instruction by supervisory nurse.
5. Help patient in and out of bed, with transfer activities and with ambulating.
6. Transfer a patient using mechanical lift, after instruction and supervision by supervisory nurse.
7. Take temperature, pulse and respiration, when indicated on care plan.
8. Help patient with prescribed exercises which the patient and home health aides have been taught by appropriate professional personnel.
9. Assist patient with use of special equipment such as a walker, braces, crutches, wheelchair etc., after thorough demonstration by appropriate professional personnel, with return demonstrations until the supervisor is satisfied that the patient/home health aide can use equipment safely.
10. Change bed linen and make patient’s bed.
11. Assist with oral medication that can be self-administrated, and that have been specifically ordered by physician.
12. Help patient practice regaining speech, relearning household skills and with diversionary or occupational therapy activities, under professional supervision.
13. Assist with feeding, including planning and preparation of meals or special diets, and shopping during regular work hours, on the same working day.
14. Accompany patient to physician’s office or medical facility (only with advance approval from the office).  Home health aide is not permitted to transport client in his/her own vehicle.  Aide is only allowed to escort but not drive the client.
15. Do essential laundry for patient.
16. Perform light household duties as needed, including dusting, mopping, vacuuming, making beds, washing dishes, cleaning bedroom and straightening up.
17. Patient may be shaved with an electric razor.  A safety razor can only be used if the home health aide is supervised by a nurse and given permission in the care plan.

For more information on home health aides or to request home health aide service, please call us at 908-725-9355.