Letter from the CEO

To the Community,

In 2013 Community VNA provided nearly 40,000 visits to residents of Somerset and Middlesex County, NJ.  In addition, we provided Community Service through our Child Health Clinics, CVhronic Care Hours and Wellness Services.  And our Community Care Hospice logged more than 5400 hours to hospice patients and their families.

We are particularly excited about our expansion into Warren County.  In October, 2014, the agency acquired the rights to provide home health services that were previously provided by Warren County Public Health Nursing Services to Warren County residents.  We have established a branch office in Phillipsburg to better serve the residents of each community within the county.

We spent a great deal of time advocating for our patients, our industry and health care reform by talking with legislators about reimbursement cuts and access to care issues.  We were a strong community partner when emergencies such as the swine flu epidemic struck, when the need arose for clinical sites for nursing students from Raritan Valley and Rutgers Schools of Nursing or to help the Office On Aging address the growing needs of the chronically ill population of Somerset County.  We create these connections to strengthen our organization and the towns we serve and to enable us to be able to transform lives and step up the health of our communities.

We had a challenging strategic planning forum this year and made outstanding progress increasing our visibility, planning an expansion of services and territories, managing and improving patient outcomes and developing disease management strategies.

The entire organization made a strong commitment to developing a customer satisfaction approach that included quality service, response and follow-up.  We continue to retain the outside resources of Press Ganey, Outcome Concept Systems and Fazzi best practices to ensure independent validation that we’re providing quality services and a positive customer experience.  We also added several new positions to support our field staff and to improve the patient experience.

All of these accomplishments were possible because of the input and hard work of our incredibly talented and dedicated staff as well as a remarkable Board of Directors.

Community VNA, Community Home Care and Community Care Hospice have a history of serving individuals and a mission of improving the health of our communities.  We have an unwavering commitment to those we serve.  Making people’s lives better is powerful, worthwhile work.

Thank you. 

Alyce Brophy, RN, BSN, MPH
CEO and President
Community Visiting Nurse Association